Friday, May 20, 2011

Be Our Guest

The in-laws are making the trip down from St. Louis next weekend for my husband's birthday and the Memorial Day holiday! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can spend the majority of our time enjoying the newly improved/ still in progress backyard.  Pictures coming soon.   

With the impending stay, I started thinking about what is required in a guest room to ensure that all of our guests feel at home. Below are some of my thoughts on the matter:

1. Provide a nice place for them to lay their head 

My favorite thing about staying in a nice hotel is the bed. I love the sheets. I love king sized beds. I love the pillows. For me, there is a direct correlation between how well I sleep and my level of enjoyment of the place I'm visiting.  Sadly, a king would take up too much space in our guest room, so a queen will have to do.  Hopefully the bedding is comfortable enough that they don't mind snuggling a little bit closer to their significant other for a night or two. A couple of things to keep in mind about bedding:
  • Keep the bedding layered. I am always colder than my husband so having sheets, a blanket, and a comforter is a necessity for us.
  • Keep the bedding fresh. There is nothing better than lying down after a long day and smelling fresh sheets.  
  • Keep different types of pillows available. Some people prefer hard pillows and some soft. Let your guests pick what works best for them.
2. Let them unpack and stay awhile

There is something hectic about living out of a suitcase for any amount of time. It's unsettling. If possible, I'm a big fan of unpacking wherever I stay. I know it's silly, but I hate crouching to the floor to dig through my suitcase for an item that is inevitably always at the bottom. Unfortunately, our guest room is pretty small and it doesn't have a dresser. At this point in time, I don't see a dresser purchase in our future so I'll have to make due. Here's how I plan to accommodate our guests despite our lack of storage:
  • Putting a luggage stand in the closet will keep guests from squatting on the ground to dig through their belongings and hide the bulky luggage pieces that take up so much space. Winner!
  • Making room in the closet for guests to hang items is definitely a must. Some clothes just don't travel well and will need to be hung. I think it's better to have a designated space, rather than a doorknob. Your guests will appreciate that you've made space for them.
3. Bathroom Etiquette

The first time I ever stayed the night at my in-laws I remember walking into the bathroom to see an assortment of hotel toiletries neatly organized on the sink with a little note that said "Welcome" and a smiley face. It was so simple, but I was amazed that they had gone out of their way like that to make sure I had everything I needed. That's how I want my guests to feel when they come to stay with us. Here are my tips for bathroom pampering:
  • Travel sized essentials. You can buy nice brands or just pick some up at the grocery store, but offering shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap, lotion, etc. ia a nice way to pamper your guests. Keep extra toothpaste, razors and toothbrushes in the bathroom just in case your guests forget those too.  
  • Big, fluffy towels. There is nothing more awkward than trying to wrap yourself in a too small towel. You know what I'm talking about. Don't do that to your guests. Also, make sure they have hand towels and wash clothes. 
  • Extra TP! Don't make your guests hunt for toilet paper or ask you for more. It's less awkward for everyone this way. 
I hope some of this was helpful! I'm off to continue planning and making sure everything is up to snuff around our house. It's funny because I'm not nearly this neurotic when my own parents come... oh well! 

Have a great weekend!