Thursday, August 4, 2011

What a day....

So I didn't go to work today. Yesterday was my last day at my old company and I don't start at the new place until Monday so I spent the day taking a drug test, going to lunch, and furniture shopping. All in all it was a pretty great day. Minus the drug test part. It took forever and there are weird people at those testing places....

Anyway, the furniture shopping was the highlight of my day. Obviously. Much to my surprise, when my husband and I were at lunch he suggested going to Ethan Allen in the Galleria area to see what headboards they had. When we walked up the stairs we saw this:

We were immediately helped by a GREAT salesman named Corbin who helped us pick out a gorgeous fabric and helped us decide on the right nail head trim. We basically wanted to throw down the money right then and there and be done with it but we didn't. Thank goodness!

On the way home I stopped by Louis Shanks to see some friends and to see if they had anything similar to the bed I had just fallen in love with. They did.

In my last post I had a picture of Cameron Diaz's bed from The Holiday which I have absolutely loved since I saw the movie in 2006. This one:

I LOVE wing backed headboards...almost as much as I love tufted headboards so imagine my delight when I found a tufted wing back headboard!

Sorry for the terrible iPhone pictures.

The bed above is a Bernhardt Cooper Wing Bed with tufting and it will be delivered to our house about the same time as our new mattress! We chose a slightly different fabric but very similar. Unfortunately, the floor model was sold or we probably would have walked out of the store with it today. It wasn't until after I went to Louis Shanks that I realized how overpriced the bed at Ethan Allen really was. I'm glad we didn't let our emotions get the best of us. Just one more reason why comparison shopping is a MUST!