Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is This Heaven?

Well we finally bit the bullet and bought a KING sized bed and I am SO excited!  We were going to wait until Christmas/Anniversary time but the other day I was perusing and saw this:

So I clicked "Learn How"! To my amazement I found that this was actually a decent deal on my FAVORITE hotel bed and it was in our budget. Wohoo! So in 3-6 weeks the husband and I will be sleeping on a heavenly Heavenly bed. :)

(Not so) Unfortunately, with this new mattress we will need  a new headboard and bedding. Maybe something like this...

House Beautiful May 2010

House Beautiful May 2010
But really, I'm trying to find an upholsterer who can recreate this for me because it is Amazing. Any suggestions? Here's one recreation I found:

And here are a few other upholstered headboards from Decorpad I am drooling over...

The above is from the movie The Holiday.

Our bedroom is actually very similar to this gray color and I'm liking the contrast between the gray walls and white headboard. I'm thinking we may keep the bedding simple (white) like we've got now but we'll see. Im working on an idea board... details to come.

If you have any suggestions for new headboards let me know!

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Erin said...

Oh, that bed looks amazing. We had issued trying to buy a new mattress a couple years ago, which ended with a queen bed in the guest room, a returned Sleep Number bed, and finally finding the right mattress for our own bed!

Also, I LOVE that first headboard. All the upholstered ones are nice, but that's my fave!